Frizzle Sizzle / Albuca spiralis

Frizzle Sizzle / Albuca spiralis

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Easy Care
Bright Light
4 Inch Pot

This unique plant with crazy curly Dr. Seuss-like leaves produces green or yellow flowers at the end of late winter. It has a growing season we are not used to; it does most of its growing when the weather is cool and soil is moist! Scientific name is Albuca spiralis.

Air Purifying No
Common or Rare
Less Common
South Africa

How do you care for this plant?

Care Easy Care
Light Bright light - prefers full sun (and higher temps)
Summer - keep soil barely moist, let dry out between waterings. Winter - water regularly, keep soil moist but not soggy. Let drain in sink!

What are some design and styling suggestions?

Pot your Frizzle Sizzle in a container with geometric patterns to help it stand out amongst your terracotta pots. Or plant it in a pot with a face so that the plant resembles hair! If you are looking for a plant buddy for the Frizzle Sizzle, the pencil cactus would be a nice plant companion. 

More care instructions provided with each plant purchase. All plants purchased late in the week will be shipped out on Mondays. Pot not included with purchase.